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Balance Fit Yoga Peanut Ball

Balance Fit Yoga Peanut Ball

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Balance Fit Yoga Peanut Ball is eco-friendly and supportive of healthy massage, acupuncture, and release of trigger points. Perfect for home exercise, it strengthens core & muscles, increases flexibility & balance, and coordinates major muscles. Discover Balance Fit for relaxation, relief, and rejuvenation. Combining yoga and massage, it offers targeted tension relief. Suitable for athletes and yogis, it supports your quest for physical & mental balance.

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Improved Blood Circulation

Unique peanut shape offers dual-point therapy. Lie on flat surface; position ball under area of tension, apply pressure. Adjust intensity/angle to control pressure. Roll/hold to release tension, boost flexibility, stimulate blood flow.

Quick Recovery

Targeted massage with our Yoga Peanut Ball. Relieve tight muscles, increase flexibility, relax, release fascia, & expedite recovery. Use on back, shoulders, hips, & feet.,Easy to take for on-the-go relief. Elevate your self-care routine for a healthier you.