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Deflow Yoga Pilates Bar

Deflow Yoga Pilates Bar

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Step into Deflow Yoga Pilates Bar with Resistance Band to experience an extensive workout. Constructed from high-grade steel tubing, EVA foam, and latex rope, the 35.4-inch bar gives you the strength and steadiness to perform. Feel secure in your grip with contoured EVA foam handles, all without compromising on budget.
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Convenient Fitness

Deflow Yoga Pilates Bar Stick with Resistance Band comes with all the bells & whistles to help you achieve your fitness goals. The bar stick serves as both a sturdy support for various exercises and a platform for attaching the included resistance band. This dual-functionality allows you to target different muscle groups and engage in a wide range of movements

Improved Posture

Transform your fitness journey with the Deflow Yoga Pilates Bar and Resistance Band! Push yourself towards your goals with a variety of exercises – from Pilates and yoga to stretching, strength-training and more. The bar stick provides stability to help with balance and posture, while the resistance band aids in deepening stretches and improving flexibility. Plus, the resistance promotes muscle strength and endurance, sculpting your body and posture. Get ready to experience the transformation!