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Weighted Hula Circle Hoops

Weighted Hula Circle Hoops

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The Weighted Hula Circle Hoops are an amazing way to jazz up your workouts and shape your body! Not only can they burn fat up to 3x faster than traditional weighted hula hoops, but they also provide you with a gentle massage for your lower back. It's two awesome functions in one! Add sparkle to your sweat sessions with these shimmering hoops and enjoy a revolutionary way to transform your fitness routine.

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Compact & transportable

Our Weighted Hula Circle Hoops provide challenge and comfort for all levels. They help tone waistlines and improve posture with natural, easy flow. Enjoy this exercise anywhere!

Stress Relief Entertainment

Experience joy & reach health goals with our Weighted Hula Circle Hoops. Refine motor skills & body awareness with rhythmic motion. Get inspired & healthier with vivid colors & exciting designs.